Maximum Protection for Your Oral Health

Enjoy a 99.9% Bacteria-Free Toothbrush

Discover our sanitizer

Convenient Operation

One-touch operation with a 5-minute disinfection cycle

Long-lasting Battery

Rechargeable battery for up to 70 uses per charge

Easy Installation

Cordless and wall-mountable design for hassle-free setup

Spacious Design

Accommodates up to 5 toothbrushes, including electric ones, and one handheld razor


How effective is the UV sterilization in killing bacteria on toothbrushes?

The UV sterilization in Sterisonic effectively kills 99.9% of bacteria present on your toothbrushes, ensuring a clean and hygienic oral care experience for you and your family.

Is the installation process difficult and does it require drilling?

The installation of Sterisonic is hassle-free and does not require any external power cords or drilling. Simply peel off the adhesive film, attach it to a smooth surface like glass or a flat wall, and you're good to go. This ensures a clean and organized bathroom without the need for complex installations.

How many toothbrushes can the UV toothbrush holder accommodate at once?

The Sterisonic UV toothbrush holder can hold up to 5 toothbrushes simultaneously, including electric toothbrushes, making it a versatile and efficient addition to your bathroom.

Can the Sterisonic be used for travel purposes or is it more suited for home use?

While the adhesive mount provided with Sterisonic is ideal for domestic use, it may not be practical for travel due to its permanent nature. For travel convenience, consider its optimal use in a home bathroom setting.

How long does the battery last on a single charge and how is it recharged?

Sterisonic's large capacity battery allows for up to 70 disinfection cycles per charge. The rechargeable battery is easy to top up using the included micro USB cable, ensuring uninterrupted use and convenience.

What sets Sterisonic apart from other UV toothbrush disinfectors on the market?

Sterisonic distinguishes itself with a robust UV sterilization process, a user-friendly one-button operation, a sleek and lightweight design, and a wall-mounted feature that saves space and promotes a tidy bathroom environment.

What happens if the UV lamp malfunctions or stops working prematurely?

In the rare event of a malfunction with the UV lamp, please reach out to our customer support team for assistance. Our team is dedicated to ensuring the functionality and effectiveness of your Sterisonic device for optimal satisfaction.